ieterna is a nonprofit charitable foundation

beach meditate The ieterna foundation is completely dedicated to preserving and providing free access to your memories, experiences, family history, creative works or anything that you choose to save.

You don't need to be rich or famous to have your life, family, friends or organization remembered!


Record your life and family history

genealogy Jesse-Ada-Harris Why not consider a "prospective" genealogy?

Leave something of yourself for future generations to appreciate your life and times, or record your family history so your ancestors will not be forgotten!

Don't depend on "public" records to preserve your legacy.


Save your thoughts and works to always be remembered

Oregon coast sunset You can save:
- Diaries, journals, memoirs
  - Biographies and tributes to others
   - Experiences, adventures
     - Novels, stories, poems
       - Photos, paintings, drawings
         - Travel, historic events
           - Music performances and compositions
             - Family recipes


Your life matters

beach-child Your life and experiences are valuable and worth remembering!

Future generations will be as interested in your life as we are fascinated by the lives of our ancestors.

Let us help you preserve and have free, public access to your life and works for generations to come, indefinitely into the future. 

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random works

Random works

Featured fiction

  • Persuasion
    Written by
    Persuasion Chapter 1 Sir Walter Elliot, of Kellynch Hall, in Somersetshire, was a man who, for his own amusement, never took up any book but the Baronetage; there he found occupation for an idle hour, and consolation in a distressed one; there his faculties were roused into admiration and respect, by…
    in Novel Read 2444 times
  • The Captain of the "Pole Star"
    The Captain of the "Pole Star" THE CAPTAIN OF THE "POLE-STAR." [Being an extract from the singular journal of JOHN M'ALISTER RAY, student of medicine.]September 11th.—Lat. 81 degrees 40' N.; long. 2 degrees E. Still lying-to amid enormous ice fields. The one which stretches away to the north of us, and to which our ice-anchor is…
    in Adventure Read 1967 times
  • Moby Dick
    Written by
    Moby Dick CHAPTER 1. Loomings. Call me Ishmael. Some years ago—never mind how long precisely—having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on shore, I thought I would sail about a little and see the watery part of the world. It is a way I have…
    in Adventure Read 506 times
  • King Solomon's Mines
    Written by
    King Solomon's Mines CHAPTER I  - I MEET SIR HENRY CURTIS It is a curious thing that at my age—fifty-five last birthday—I should find myself taking up a pen to try to write a history. I wonder what sort of a history it will be when I have finished it, if ever I…
    in Adventure Read 3023 times
  • The Andaman Express
    Written by
    The Andaman Express Called in to investigate an unusual insurance claim, Finlay Nichols discovers something is seriously wrong with Thailand's offshore gas fields. Propelled into an ultimate stakes game with the Burmese military government, he realizes that if he can't solve the problem and stop the coming catastrophe then the 21st century's second…
    in Adventure Read 566 times

Featured poetry

    Written by
      ONE LAST TIME   You lace up your boots one last time    To go fight on the front line    Because it gives you hope    One last time you climb in that truck    Your commander says good luck    The gate opens and the truck drives…
    in Uncategorized Read 502 times
  • The Deepest Darkest Place.....
    I've got my space suit on. Every dial is set. Every watchful eye is on me,As I travel to the deepest darkest place. Beyond the terra-cotta, and past the expansive azure and cloud filled skies, I find my new home. It's not about exploration. It's not about any voluptuous abyssal…
    in Uncategorized Read 764 times
  • Only You
    Written by
    I cling to you,Hoping and wishing and praying you’ll never leave me.I want your arms around me,I want your lips on mine,I want your sweaters,I want your hand to hold,I want your cheek to kiss,I want your scent lingering near me,I want to hear your I love yous,I want to…
    in Love - hope Read 2586 times
  • On The Other Side of the Fence.
    Written by
    Welcome to my head. I hope you've got the time to stay awhile here, and ease my troubled mind. You see the grass is always greener, That other lake so clear... So when I feel the need for leaving, You won't have to fear. Just.... Hold me closer, closer, closer,…
    in Love - hope Read 748 times
  • Cherished . . . .
    What is it to be cherished? But this would take gentle moves, a passion not hurried and only kindled in an existence without time. In here, we would be met with deep and tender kisses as we discovered each other under love and an unrelenting light. We'd have to put…
    in Love - hope Read 415 times
  • "I love you."
    Written by
    I love you but don’t speak to you like every day is new.   I love you but rarely come to see you.   I love you yet I hardly call.   I love you but the money for us I take to the mall.   I love you but I want…
    in Love - hope Read 307 times

Featured music

Featured nonfiction

  • Optimism
    Written by
    Optimism Part i Optimism Within ould we choose our environment, and were desire in human undertakings synonymous with endowment, all men would, I suppose, be optimists. Certainly most of us regard happiness as the proper end of all earthly enterprise. The will to be happy animates alike the philosopher, the prince…
    in Essay Read 2478 times
  • Hunting Buffalo in the Luangwa Valley
    Written by
    Hunting Buffalo in the Luangwa Valley The Luangwa Valley is a land of unspoiled beauty and plentiful wildlife. During my two year contract working in the Valley, I was overwhelmed with its wildlife and remoteness. Whilst guiding clients on photographic safaris in this paradise, I did not imagine that in a few short years I would…
    in Sports - outdoors Read 2142 times
  • One of the Millions of Hurricane Katrina Stories
    Written by
    One of the Millions of Hurricane Katrina Stories One of the Millions of Hurricane Katrina StoriesI survived Hurricane Katrina, but it transformed me. I am a different person. I feel more loved than I did a week ago, and I very much appreciate all of the friends and family and even strangers who both helped me directly and…
    in Natural disaster Read 2356 times
  • The Poor Little Bird's Wildest Adventure
    The Poor Little Bird's Wildest Adventure In 1976, I was then ten years old young. My family was driven back to Masara, Maco, Davao del Norte  from Suricon Mining, of Nonoc Island in Surigao del Norte, after two years of  transition period, when the Samar Mining Company stopped its operation in Masara.During the transition period, my…
    in Adventure Read 484 times

Featured people

  • Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
    Written by
    Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin DEAR SON:I have ever had pleasure in obtaining any little anecdotes of my ancestors. You may remember the inquiries I made among the remains of my relations when you were with me in England, and the journey I undertook for that purpose. Imagining it may be equally agreeable to[1] you…
    in Autobiography Read 2944 times
  • My Memories
    My Memories MY MEMORIESI was born September 24, 1903 in a cottage at 319 East Main, across the street from the brick house at 324 East Main, where Grandpa and I lived for 25 years. It was the last home Grandpa and I had together, as he went to the Independence hospital…
    in Autobiography Read 2405 times
  • Narrative of the Life of Henry Bibb
    Written by
    Narrative of the Life of Henry Bibb CHAPTER I.Sketch of my Parentage.—Early separation from my Mother.—Hard Fare.—First Experiments at running away.—Earnest longing for Freedom.—Abhorrent nature of Slavery.I was born May 1815, of a slave mother, in Shelby County, Kentucky, and was claimed as the property of David White Esq. He came into possession of my mother long…
    in Autobiography Read 2552 times
  • In Praise of My Mother
    Written by
    In Praise of My Mother This is my mother's story. She is a remarkable woman who has led a remarkable life. Her name is Shashikala Madhav Bhagwat. We call her Ai. Ai is now ninety seven years old. At seventy five pounds, she is small and frail, she depends on people to take care of…
    in Remembrance Read 2326 times

Recent submissions

  • Love
    Written by
    Love? What is Love,  if not the joyful feeling you get when you  look at him. What is Love,  if…
    in Love - hope Read 6 times
  • Escape
    Written by
    Escape Bang! There’s suddenly a resounding boom as if a bomb was just set off. People are looking around wondering…
    in Adventure Read 16 times
  • Thread...
    Written by
    Thread... Thread…   Opened my mind and sewed my heart shut Looked through my flesh you see every cut Lay awake…
    in Loneliness - pain Read 5 times
  • Love to Hate & Hate Loving
    Written by
    Love to Hate & Hate Loving Love To Hate & Hate Loving   Love the world since our time's paid-in-full..! Love everyone and beyond if you…
    in Fantasy Read 39 times
  • Something About Hope
    Written by
    Running alongside the past has become my latest hobby So much so that I've begun to fear my well being…
    in Love - hope Read 50 times
  • Devan
    Written by
    It was a feeling you would have died for And all anyone could do was watch the tragedy unfold Watching…
    in Remembrance Read 34 times
  • 2016
    Written by
    Give me one reason to let these walls down One reason to throw out all of my hard work Given…
    in Life Read 56 times
  • To Accept What IS
    Written by
    To accept what is Is not to condone. To accept what is Doesn’t make it necessarily right. To accept what…
    in Love - hope Read 40 times

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Donated artwork

  • Ravensong and Tahira
    Ravensong and Tahira Original oil painting donated by J. Huffman of two Arabian horses named Ravensong and Tahira.  Painting is 16" x 20"-  frame is included.  No shipping charges for United States delivery. Click on image for larger version....

Donated books

  • Character Consciousness
    Character Consciousness Bernard Selling's Character Consciousness, allows people to see themselves as capable of growth and changing their perceptions of themselves. paperback, new - one copy available
  • Writing From Within by Bernard Selling
    Writing From Within by Bernard Selling Telling one's life stories can be a voyage of self-discovery, freeing up images and thoughts that have long remained hidden. Using the techniques of Writing From Within, anyone can create vivid autobiographical stories and life narratives. For everyone interested in writing, this program enables them to explore their lives, rediscover forgotten experiences, and find out hidden truths about themselves, their parents, and their family histories. a guide to creativity and life story writing.  Hardcover, new - one copy. available