ieterna takes the information you provide and typically stores all text, vector graphics and raster images in a file format known as pdf/a. You may be familiar with pdf files, which are used extensively on the internet.

pdf/a is a stable subset of the current pdf Reference Version 1.4. approved on September 28, 2005 by the International Standards Organization (ISO-19005-1) as a new Standard governing electronic document archiving.

Some important characteristics of pdf/a are:

  • pdf/a stores structured objects (text, vector graphics, raster images), providing efficient full-text search.
  • pdf/a files are compact and suited for electronic file transfer (FTP, e-mail attachment etc.).
  • Information such as title, author, creation date, modification date, subject, key-words, etc. (known as metadata) is embedded in a pdf file allowing efficient automatic classification and searching.
  • pdf/a specifically excludes some functionality such as transparency, sound and movie actions and specifically requires other functionality such as embedded fonts.

Using the pdf/a international standard for document archiving is one of the many ways ieterna strives to protect your valuable information and make it available for generations to come.