Writing from Within presents a proven program that helps you free up memories and buried images from the past, discover your own creative spark, and develop the skills and confidence you need to write your own life story. Whether you're an experienced writer or a complete novice, you'll embark on a voyage of self-discovery in which you learn to express yourself fully and beautifully on paper, get in touch with your most meaningful memories, and harness the power of those memories to create truthful and vivid stories. You'll also learn to use fiction techniques such as narrative, dialogue, and inner monologue to bring your stories to life; overcome the fear of writing; and develop your authentic writing voice.

  Your Life as Story Every person's life tells a story, but few of us dare to consider our own story worthy of being written. Tristine Rainer shows us how to apply the structure of story telling to an ordinary life to give it shape, meaning, and clarity. Learning the tricks to becoming a better autobiographic writer may not lead to getting published, nor should that be the goal. Rather, it is a process that helps us re-remember the past so that we can better understand the meaning of the present.

  Judith Barrington's practical guide leads both experienced and novice writers through the writing process from idea to publication, addressing such technical problems as theme selection, voice, tone, form, plot, scene, and character development, as well as how to stimulate creative thinking and build necessary discipline. Her common-sense approach strives to temper the emotional honesty of the genre with the integrity of artistic skill.

  Journal Keeping: Writing for Spiritual Growth
Would you like to journal, but you're not sure how to start?Do you love to journal, but need some fresh ideas?Here's a book to help you discover (or recover) the power of writing as a spiritual discipline. In these pages you'll find intriguing and encouraging insights on topics like "ordinary things," "discovery journaling," "drawing from another's well" and "dialogue journaling with Scriptures."In each brief chapter, Luann Budd draws on her own life and writing. She shows how to put each of her ideas into practice. And she provides additional inspiration and examples from significant men and women throughout history who have journaled.