Center for Journal Therapy

The Center for Journal Therapy is the premier source of education and training on the power of writing to heal body, psyche and soul.
Kathleen Adams is one of the living masters in the field of writing and healing. She shares her unique depth of understanding through consultation, program development, training, speaking, teaching, facilitating groups, coaching and counseling.

Journal Magic

Journal Magic encourages viewers to consider “Therapeutic Writing”---an expanded form of journaling, to help recover, uncover, and discover the magic within. It is similar to journaling but uses “JournalCards” to help guide the process. Classes offer exercises, too, to facilitate the flow into the river of knowing within.

Donated artwork

  • Ravensong and Tahira
    Ravensong and Tahira Original oil painting donated by J. Huffman of two Arabian horses named Ravensong and Tahira.  Painting is 16" x 20"-  frame is included.  No shipping charges for United States delivery. Click on image for larger version....