My Tears

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I miss you so much,

your love and your touch.

My heart aches deep inside,

feelings too hard to hide.


Your card of "Love Missed",

dropped me down an abyss.

All my emotions felt pain,

my tears fell like rain.


Still, they wet my cheeks;

my loneliness still speaks.

I'm sorry, Honey, I've tried;

my tears won't be denied.


They are flowing down free;

I'm writing through a watery sea.

I've lost control so fast;

too much to bear at last.


Life seems so unfair now;

still, I make you this vow;

nothing, and no one, will ever,

again, our life to sever.


I must dry my tears;

we must hide our fears.

Our future will soon renew;

Billy, I'm coming home to you!





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