"Why'd It Take So Long?"

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The Earth has a new look;

for my eyes, anyway.

I feel so happy inside;

knowing these feelings will stay.


My eyes are finally opened;

the view filled with beauty.

Setting sun blazing all red;

fresh mornings showing purity.


I'm so glad I believe;

"Why'd it take so long?"

Those many years I wasted;

believing Creation was wrong.


Life offers so much more;

now it all makes sense.

Everything now has a meaning;

don't have to feel tense.


Trusting in Jehovahs' purpose;

this makes it all easy.

Death is no longer a fear;

no reason to feel queasy.


I'm looking forward, my Honey;

everlasting life is waiting for us.

Don't have to fear the future;

nothing to make up a fuss.


1995      by Wayne J. Wagar

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