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Jesus, if You love me - if You really do,
Then take my life - do what You want to.

Take my heart - take all of me.
Remove these chains - I want to be free. 

Take my pain - my hurts and past.
Save me, Lord - this body won't last.

Do You really love me - just like You say?
If so - make Yourself real today. 

I need a Savior - they say that's You.
Help me - I don't know what else to do. 

I've lost my way - and need to be found.
I'm giving up - lying on the ground.

Will You accept me - even though I sin?
Will You still love me - if I sin again?

I've heard the question - are you saved?
I know Your God's Son - the one He gave.

I'm getting beat up - but I know what to do.
I'll call for my Savior - from now on, that's You.

Without You, I'm lost - and too blind to see.
But Grace came running - because You love me.

By Jennifer O'Connor

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