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(After you read this peom, evaluate why I've categorized it under life.) 


I find it funny that you thought that you could actually make me hate myslelf more than I could.

I find it funny that you think it takes anyonw to make me hate myself. I find it funny that eberyone just assumes everyone else is affecting me, when I only drown in my own thoughts.

I find it funny that even though I;m saying these things today, you'll just assume it was someone else tomorrow.

I find it funny that everyoone thinks that the loneliness is something that eveer affected me; it doesn't, it's always been this way.

But most of all, I find it funny that you all will blame someone else, when the only one to blame is me. 


Author's Note:

In my opinion, to get the most out of what I have written, its important to analyze everything that I do. There are small things that are hard to notice, but there are also very obvious things, that are hard to miss. I advise to take what I've written and discover what it means to you. 

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