Black Power

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Here is my story about a race, that had felt nothing but disgrace.

We were persecuted, victimized hell even ostracized so we bleach up to wear

as disguise.


We face the consequences of being black yet we build countries and cities as

slaves but that counts for flack.

We say the darker the fruit the sweeter the juice, but being dark is like a bird

in a herd full of moose.


I know I am not wrong when I say we are strong, built by God yet treated like

a dog, but the people’s misconception hangs over us like an everlasting fog.

We are the revolution that will start the evolution, and begin the liberation so

put an end to this pollution the persecution and the downgrade of our

contribution and be apart of the solution which is love your skin, you’re a gem

covered in tin. whether you’re fair with a head full of hair or dark; we were all

noah’s arch to the people we called massa.  


So break the system for what they are accustom for we have the wisdom to

be greater than ever before and be nothing less forevermore. I reiterate we

are a race that needs to eliminate and regenerate to love thyself and to

illustrate just how powerful our black skin can obliterate all laws and barriers

for we are never meant be a failures.

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