The Awakening

by  Rass Zubayr
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The Awakening



I’m living on the distant corners of a free world,

Away from the misery of worldly chimes,

Where an old man’s scepter’s knocking at the chest of time,

Where wandering isn’t chained to bear immortal

Lashes on its innocent, bare limbs.

I’m living my intimate space here.


I’ve camped beside the river of life’s glow,

Drinking full moons to the brink of ecstasy,

Where gods reveal themselves on the silver wings of silence,

And where tongues aren’t twisted asunder,

To burden naive man’s soul.

I’m living my solitaire mystery here.


I’m waking up from a long slumber to no-thingness,

To the enlightening crevices of a forgotten civilization,

Where a Nazarene’s walking in the deeds of Caesar,

And where my breathing isn’t slave

To the divine nostrils of ex-communication.
I’m hugging my rarest moments here.


I’m living on the distant corners of a free world,

And the freedom’s defined on the tablets of awakening,

Smiling wryly at the falling pride of splitting fear,

When death will whisper its passes into my flesh,

And when the plains will mourn an eternal absence,

I’ll have lived up my entire refuge here.



                                                                                                 ( Rass Zuber

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