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His hand holding mine. Walking beside me, guiding me.
Advice given, but I did not always follow.
As a kid you think you know it all. You know nothing. 
You have not a clue. You are merely a kid.

His experience so much more than my own, but I fail to see it.
Years go by. You both age. You still think you know stuff. You don't know anything. He knows. You watch, observe, listen and absorb. And yet you are still growing. You seek his guidance and knowing ways.


I will soon turn 50. He is closing in on 79. 

I still feel like a little kid staring up at the sky.

Bright blue sky and shining sun makes me feel wondrous. 
He still offers advice, support and shares what he knows. 
I listen more closely now.

I see how much I am like him. This swells my heart full of pride. 

His caring, kindness and love for my mother....his wife, partner and soulmate for going on 53 years.

When I look back at the end of my own life the pieces will fit together in completeness. All he said, shared and expressed to his children. These things have helped shape and define us.

Laughter, love, humor and compassion. 
Forgiveness and praise.

This is what it means to be a kind and decent man. 
This is what my father gave me. 
He took my hand in his. I looked up into his smiling face. It seems lifetimes ago.

I love you, Dad.

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