Lucky Her

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If glancing at you is a crime,

I don't mind getting arrested sometime,

If holding your hands is against the rule,

Call me whatever, I'll be cruel.


I think I have a death wish,

Loving someone so obviously taken,

Driving around, hugging him so tight,

As if he's mine for the taking.


Why can't I resist your charm?

Why can't I say no when you lean to kiss?

Why can't I push you away when you hold me close?

Why can't I stop myself from you?

Am I falling for you?


I broke every rule I have left,

I lost all the precious nights I want kept,

I trade all my time for moments,

Am I already and ready for a commitment?


I once took great care of myself from pain,

But this with you, what can I gain?

Everyday we're together,

I longed for something in forever,

What can I do? You already have a lover.


I must accept a defeat,

A battle never happened,

There's nothing to be won,

But only memories to remorse.


I keep in mind, you're a good guy,

You're the greatest I've been with 

I'm happy to know someone like you exist

Atleast there's hope someone out there is.


I love you with all my heart,

Nothing we did will I ever regret,

Shared with you the deepest secrets I had

Now there's only pain to forget.

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