Not So Secret Love Song

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Not So Secret Love Song


You look like that movie I wanna keep watching over and over again,

The kind I want to just press pause, play and rewind.

I wish we had that chance.

I wonder what could have been?

Would the feeling still be the same?


When your lips touched my hand,

It felt like no one has ever done that,

Like you're the only one allowed to do it,

And I wish you'd to still do it.


I let you kissed me.

Not so I could steal you from her.

But I wanna know how it could've felt when it actually happened.

I have to admit, it felt so right.

So right I wanna do it again.

Feels so wrong, I wanna cry and regret.


I thought love songs' suppose to make you feel better,

I feel weird listening instead,

It made me feel even worst than ever,

To love someone who already have a lover.

Wishing that times we spent together,

Is enough to make you wanna leave her.


But I can't keep doing that, I know its wrong,

To love somebody that someone owns,

Even if the feelings' mutual and strong,

It's not enough to justify breaking someone's heart and soul.


If I could've known better and smarter,

We could've been with each other,

All I've got left to do is forget and try not to regret,

Things could've been great but it could've been also worst.


There will always be that someone who got away,

There will be your Romeo or your Juliet,

There could also be a Basha and Popoi

But right now, you and me just cannot be.


I pray to God to will me the courage to let go,

Surrender what's not mine to have,

To be strong and courageous to face the music,

And after some time, Maybe heal a little.

And then totally recover a lot.


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