The old man

by  David S
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I sat down next to an old man with a grisly grey beard,

His eyes seem to have grown deep into their sockets, with wisdom hidden in their depth.

At first I thought I was sitting just to catch my breath.

I did not know the gravity of the tragedy that would befall me in the coming moments.

We sat in silence for the first few minutes on this park bench.

Then he then slowly turned to me and said,

"What do you seek my son"

Slack jawed I was by his inquiry.

Who is this man? How does he know?

But I answered truthfully nonetheless to this comforting, yet unnerving stranger.

I wish to slow my mind that runs at the speed of light,

Seemingly sped up by all this strife.

Broken-blue clouds fill my sky,

Dismantled stars fill the corners of my night,

I feel as if I have fallen under some sort of reciprocating blight.

In return he said,

I see my child, I can grant you a gift but know that it cannot be returned once given.

I can rid you of all the pain and emotion you have been burdened with or will come to bear.

Accept if you dare; he said with his searing eyes and maniacal grin plastered to his wrinkled cheeks.

With the future not in mind, I dismissively accepted his terms.

He then tore the clouds from the sky,

And painted a freshly powdered nebula of white boisterous clouds,

Then switched day to night and turned those stars from their dim dampened state to a blindingly bright spread of luminous light, that would bring anyone to another galaxy; ecstatic.

I have given you what you desired, now go off and take flight he murmured.

Even in this extremely rare moment I found myself feeling nothing.

As I attempted to take flight I fell,

Caused by my blind acceptance of my wish to be impervious to emotion.

Only left with logic and the literal at my disposal.

I felt naked and numb stripped of all I was or could be.

It never occurred to me in that instant what I would be given or rather stolen.

To suffer is natural; for love and happiness to become actual.

Pain defeat success and sadness shape us like waves crashing against clay cliffs leaving impressions, that may only last for a short period, till the next tsunami hits; we are ever changing.That is what it is to be human, and gives us humility.

It can beat you down, give you a lasting frown,

But when that smile arises from its short lasted grave, you'll find its impact to be much more grave.

I hope I can be a model for those down in the dumps

Or have trouble keeping steady over consistent bumps.

These trials and tribulations create and teach you of the person you are and help you to become.

Then one day you will find yourself standing before a mirror; and say,

I survived; and I'm stronger for it, there is no need to forfeit because this pain will pass.

In the end happiness will find itself standing, I was always here and will always outlast.

If you let me. D.s

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