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Times like these are when I question you the most.

Searching for a sign and fear and hesitation are what my mind evokes,

but then you pick my head up and show me that you never let me out of your sight,

debating what's wrong and what's right we've lost our purpose.

Reading the scriptures is the first step without actions they're worthless,

and we've assigned worth to materials and discarded the living,

our planet slowly dying from the sickness we are giving,

Plus we take so much and give a middle finger in return,

but that fuck you will soon be more than we can sit on,

stuck here to deal with a mother that we've spit on polluted and shit on thinking we are invincible small decision stockpiled can be critical, each choice now is pivotal,

see the sickness and you and start to issue a cure,

a cure for the negativity that says you're not perfection,

I see you're flawless complexion don't let the world pollute you.

be the light he intended, stand on love by positivity you’re defended,

the world currently has you suspended going nowhere fast

controlled by currency so even with a busted ankle you chase that cash.

we let a piece of paper control our lives

go to dead-end jobs come home angry and beat our wives are for the almighty dollar.

A few wranglers at the top keep you at bay with their shock collars,

"we'll take away your materials if you have you should stray Stand for change and will lock you away in a cell with no light will break that spirit that fright put you in chains try to ruin your life." But it's all about perspective, change your mindset,

remove one's head from one's ass and take the next step.

Alone we can stand but we are easily knocked down, together we are unstoppable

that's with the wranglers fear, see your self and others live life absent of fear,

fear is fallacy fabricated by superstition.

instead of loving each other life's a competition,

this is the wavy inquisition asking you to make your own inquiries.

Never stop questioning knowledge is truly power not money or fame,

refrain from lame Dodge mediocrity,

I see so much of myself and you and there's no stopping me.

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