Sanctuary, Where?

by  wild yellow flower
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I wont miss your kisses

I wont miss you smiles

I wont cry over your deadly sly

I wont try to win you over

Because then, its gonna be more difficult than ever.


This is the part I wanna die,

Why do we have to say goodbye?

Can something really have to end?

Will there be someone they'll send?

To make this broken heart mended.


I cannot just shake this,

I've had lots and lots of this,

How can someone not get over dosed with this?

Love is so addicting,

It demand from you just everything.


One day love is gonna be much harder,

Not because someone's much better,

But because the pain I felt after,

I may never survive and recover.


How can I ever trust again?

I'm going to get lost.

Can anyone find me?

Please take me home.

Back into the arms of someone I truly belong.

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