Two of a kind

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Two of a Kind



I never liked the idea of loving someone like you.

Someone who already belongs to someone else,

Someone whom I know that if ever you might feel the same,

Would still never be truly mine.

I hate to admit, But I do really like you.


I don't wanna steal.

I don't wanna lie.

And I don't wanna cry.

I don't want to steal someone else's happiness.

I don't wanna lie to myself.

Because if I did, I know in the end I'm the one at stake.



Because of you, I forget how I treasured myself.

One that wouldn't ask for a drop of love,

A pie of someone's time

And beg for someone's attention.

How can you manipulate me like this?

What power do you have over me?


What power do I have to restrain from you?

What strength can I do to stay away from you?

How can I possibly make you say you love me too?

Can there be any room for just one more mistake?


Can you take me to a ride for the last time?

Its the last chance so I can feel love again,

One moonlight, One Sunrise and maybe another dawn,

Just so I could still carry on.

And continue the life I used to have and maybe move on.


And totally grow on to something I never had,

To someone I'm never allowed to have.

To someone I'm just bound to make love.

To someone I confused to as a life lesson

Because there's really no reason

I could be such a bitch and a moron.

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