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There are two types of a broken heart,

One, its the fact that the person caused it takes full responsibility

That you have to go home and patch the pieces alone.

The other one is that, the person has no idea of what you're going through

But you're hurt from his current status,

Making yourself miserable hoping someday he'll notice.


I must rest my case on the second logic,

Not because nothing's happening that's fantastic

But I had so much fate in wishes and magic

That I ended up in this trash septic tragic.


My heart got so used to move on

That now its too scared to hold on

I don't know what happened and how I fell

But it was too deep and I thought everything was well

Turns out my heart will just end up so swell.


I don't blame anyone though,

I don't have any right to do so.

I chose how I wanted to feel,

I wanted it to be real

But instead of that,

My heart has to suffer with cruel truth and fact.


As they said love is a battle,

I guess I was not worth the fight.

But its alright. I should be alright.

I can't hide from the truth forever.

And one single person cannot drag me deeper

Into the pits of his traps famous to stranger.


I was too blind and being unreasonable.

I hated my friends who didn't like him.

But a lightning struck and told me to move on.

Carry on with life no matter if I'm alone.

Work things everyday to make it better

Fall in love again, but for now never

Maybe some time in three November

Or someone out there experiencing winter

Make peace and try to live this life longer


Because whoever said that stupid is forever,

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