The dark

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I used to despise the dark,
But know its the only thing that calms me,
What use to fill me with joy now fills me with anger,
I dont know how i can keep going on,
Because even when i do right i do wrong,
Why am i still in this world where i dont belong,
Where the ones i love & cherish gone,
When i cant sleep because deep thoughts,
I ask the lord to stop the pain,
I dont want to live any longer im going insane,
If the devil is plotting he completed his quest,
Day by day i care less and less,
I no longer have a fear of death,
In the dark the shadows speak,
They're voices loud and clear,
Your nothing but a pawn your end is near,
no but the end has past and i dont care,
If you want Me you can have me,
For i am nothing but a name,
Just take me and make me happy,
some would call me crazy and weird,
but i speak the truth no lies lay here,
They always say the good die young,
Well i guess im one of the bad that has to stay in suffer .

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