Sanctity of Faith

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In my trials and tribulations,
Be they however great,
I’ll forever own the splendor
In the sanctity of faith.

You, my precious God,
Are my hope, guide and way
Throughout this realm of ruin
Where I patiently remain.

You amplify my vision
When blurred by policies
Of godless constitutions
And scientific fallacies.

In a world marred by feuds
And depravity of endless bounds,
In the midst of wretched waste
My resolve you surround.

Allowing me an exodus
From spiritual regression,
Providing me asylum
From this decaying prison.

In all my allotted days
Amid triumphs and troubles,
You are my brilliant beacon
Through lifts, and minor stumbles. 

Upon my last, departing day,
I’ll lift my heart, mind and soul,
Up to a timeless, sacred haven
To you is where I’ll go.

Camille Rose Castillo 2012

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