Right to Knowledge

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Dare to question madness, 
valiant, ever courageous, 
interrogate absurdity,
what you find vexatious.
Never refuse to face 
unyielding resistance, 
stay true to your beliefs,
remain ever consistent. 

If there is a price to pay 
for the right of knowledge,
and for the use of that thereof 
say no to mental bondage.
What truly does define 
collection of the facts, 
information that you gather,
and how it does impact 
is unrelenting bravery,
in the face of adversity, 
At whatever cost to you 
refusing intellectual depravity.

Does pride have a scholar 
possessing an education, 
a wealth of information, 
yet lacking determination?
To who do we really owe
development and progress, 
correction of miscalculations 
and errors now behind us? 
They who stood firm, 
and fixed in their direction,
unswayed by obstruction, 
are deserving of reflection...

Those we so often praise, 
the ones commonly admired, 
are they who've attained
achievement of desires. 

Copyright © 2011 Camille Rose Castillo

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