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 " LIFE"


It's somewhat difficult for me.

I can't even find myself.

A thought strikes and says, 'Life is not about winning always'.

It's about inspiring yourself. ?

- Varun 





I was born out of nature of history.?

I'm open to all but still a mystery.

I'm a strong desire.

Growing in the intense Fire.

I'm still learning from my mistakes.

Achievement will strike,

Whatever it takes.

My life's a set of stages.

I'm here for moments,

 not for ages.

Far from thoughts it's a mystery.

Today I'm present but tomorrow I'll be history.?

- Varun jaggi ❤ 







If you're with me I'm glad. ?

You're absence makes me feel sad.

My heart's on and mind flies away.

Wishing for your happiness

That's how I pray

If loving you is my fate 

Then there's love which exists 

There's no place for hate .❤

-------- Várun JàğğI






Rise above hate .

Be you it's never too late! 

Keep aside those feelings and pleasures.

Discover yourself you're full of treasures.

We humans are books of mysteries. 

Judge by the present , Not by the history .

If being happy is an offense 

Then I have smiles in my defense. 






She has the power and the courage .

She's nature's beautiful image.

She's the other name for affection.

Without her the world has no direction.

Award her with love and care

She has a whole world to share.

Beautiful and bold,

She has the purity of gold.

Respect her she's great

The one who knows how to love and hate.

She's a blooming flower

Which has the essence and power.

She's a priceless pearl 

She's a woman and a girl.

                                  - VárûnJággí








Disputes never ended like they were playing. 

The man was still on god's love and was praying.

Soon complications  faded away.

No word could replace the power of 'Pray ' .


                                                               - Varun Jaggi

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