Restlessness and agony

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                                                Restlessness and agony,

shade and cloud I call mine loved you, save me from this century who swears become stone.


without the order and design in my flesh, is insufferably long melody, penitential tears and excruciating pain as sharp nail in my chest was recorded.

                                                At last my frozen body,

my bleary eyes and you see inside but at the meeting, found only shadows and empty of nothing. sees the soul of his guilt terrified in the dark center and assisted in its center space varies his fate, serious his sins and the wounded soul of fear her tears poured.

                                           Before the gift foresaw your love,

torture, disease and want to exude the horror of your mystical agony, leaving your skin in this valley deep dark alone and crying.

                                         They looked eyes that saw him angry  

than angry wind to iron your bare. Envious cloud as impetuous fly, leaving everything reaches and death the more you move away increasingly from the nearest death.

                                      As feel those eyes looking beyond the height love

and between purple jealously roses were keeping for anyone to see the carmine red of your cheeks and bottom of your window to remember that beautiful garden, where we always love with the greatest tenderness that inspires newborn; But you've already slept in the uninjured your wounded love in your hidden forget the experience.

                                                Like saying that love alive

even if that dream you have already forgotten, that light which is not comfort me, which I no longer shines because you do not kiss me.

                                If you will follow my blind and sad in this infinite serenity,

and as shadow, raisins of this eternal world covering your face your sublime beg destination elses great bitterness that overwhelms your mind.

                                         The night is long and more intense,

guarded by the silent hours. as the soul dilates your pupils and present in my mind your misery, hiding your shadow in my body, but in the shade feel like an echo in my voice in my answers, but there in bygone era, that my knowledge was not enough, that your silence is indistinct voice to an ear ..

                                              My eyes are full of visions,

memory asks for a sky color, they say lived up to our history, because now from dawn your heart feels closer and less vain in their melancholy.


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