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Are you really for real?

Is this thing I'm feeling is surreal?

I know one day this could kill,

But I'll give any day just so I can feel,

Because then I know wounds really heal.


I was broken, torn apart and got led on,

By a person I thought I'll never be able to move on.

You had me at that smile of yours

And doing things for me as if I'm all yours

But then you are also scaring me.

With all these that I am feeling,

Are you ever gonna catch me if ever I'll be falling?


You're not my second chance at love,

Because the first one wasn't even close.

There's really nothing that will change my mind about how love treated me.

No one will ever convince me second chances are real.

But somehow this with you,

I'm beginning to see why love,

Had led me on to so much pain

So that you can erase them all

By replacing a rainbow over my rain.


I'm not a strong person if you think I am.

I'm the kind who gets scared when I'm being treated special.

The one who gets emotional

When things are being like theatrical.


I wonder why love had this so much power,

It makes a smart one dumb,

Makes insensitive feel alive,

Hopeless to be so ambitious,

And the loneliest one to be the happiest possible.


It's a mystery to be uncovered for ourselves I guess,

I wanted to uncover one,

I really wanted it with you,

But then maybe God has someone better for you,

So before it happens,

I want you to know,

You made me so happy with that smile of yours.

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