The Katy Pery Song

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To that always 'almost' we seem to have,

To the shoulder to shoulder we always try to get in touch,

To that look we both only share

To that 'someday' always dream to dare

And to destiny who's not always fair.


There's that fine lining between skins,

When the fabric of his shirt roughs the satin of your sleeve,

It's surprisingly electrifying.

Its that horrible feels to think of

But it's really just an almost touch.


I know you're just inches away from me,

But you seemed like a train ride away,

I can laugh the whole evening without telling you this,

But I've been missing you throughout this weeks.

Can't you see how much I wanna be with you?

I've been crazily missing you.

But then again, what right do I have?

I don't think I even have one.


I can see the pain in your eyes,

I can feel the loneliness in your touch.

You had me still and you know that.

I want you so bad but I don't want you to know that.


I've been scared my whole life,

Or I might have been a coward,

Maybe I'm really deadly strong,

So strong that I fought for something that was totally wrong,

Even though I know how terrible it will be,

I was willing to pay the prize how it's gonna be

Just though, we didn't feel the same way

And found that tunnel and you got away.

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