A piece of Pain

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There's no words for pain.

There's nothing a picture can do for losing someone.

No one can ever portray grief,

And no one knows sadness

Until someone else has taken their happiness.


Time can heal. It can if you let it.

But how does one heal

If all it does is think of that person every time?

How can I get over from drowning in memories,

Sinking in every words

And bleeding to the silence of my loudest cry

Because the truth is that,

You're the reason why my tears never dry.


Sometimes this pain is good.

It does a lot progress and gets me in the mood.

But when all else fail,

My heart is the one I cling to

And I can't help but notice how shattered

broken, stripped and torn apart it is.


When the rain comes pouring and falling,

My heart is secretly searching.

For that one promised rainbow.

Where they shoot likes start and arrow.

Maybe it will happen tomorrow.

At least I have this one last day I'm gonna barrow.

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