Procrastinating is an understatement

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You just have to wonder why people then changes.

What's with the sudden wall between you?

What's with the smile that then was affecting you?

What could've been if something happened on April 13?


There were many questions I wished you could've answered

So many days I hoped you communicated

So many nights I was sleeples

And so many hours I spent thinking of what's wrong with me.


Was there anything I ever did that made you unhappy?

We were so close and I thought we were reely.

I will never know what would happen that day

Because you never gave me that chance to stay.


You said I pushed you back and you tripped,

But haven't you notice I already fell?

And you were jerking around like I was the devil.

Damn those days, I moved down to your level.


I could have faked everything and make you the bad guy

But I was too gullible that even then I was yours

You just have to happen and thinking what you want will be yours

I'm so sorry if I ruined your peaceful life

My messy one doesn't really mind

How you fooled and stabbed me from behind

Because as I move on right now,

You will just be the shadow I used to look at

And you're behind me now for every reason

that comes up your mind.

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