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I still remember that night when I cried,

Desperately wanting you to love me back,

Holding on to the last string that's attaching us

Little did I know,

You threw the scissor to cut it all

And almost everything died on that fall..


I was seeing you the way I shouldn't..

I was not supposed to love you but I couldn't..

I was about to leave you

But my heart aches more than when I'm away from you.


What we had was a forbidden love..

The most valid reason we could ever have;

Is because we never had,

That chance that could've told if our love could last..


Unspoken words remained our conversation,

Staring game was our only interraction,

Stealing glances and hand signals was our communication

And when we were together,

No one could say what we had has an authorization.


It was good, it was good.

In my heart it will remain that good.

And I wont let anything ruin that..

But also, I will never allow myself anymore

To go back on that one on the shore,

Staring at as if you were gonna choose me for sure

Unto that bus ride heading home,

Leaving me all alone

And forgetting all of what you said was good..

Something that you said was...

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