Silent Laughter

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A host of profanities,

Saintly cherished and dearly nestled,

Ancient and amassed,

Into the casket of his brazen chaste,

Unknown, aloof-----so unbeaten

Like sacred delights of a village wench

Until found and famed.

Or so he might have thought.

And it came to pass then,

Distance drew its unfailing villains,

                                              Envy, errand and exposure,

                                              Close, cunning and curious

                                              On the hisses of glistened rumors.

                                              Whispers clanked and the woods laughed,

                                              A silent laughter 

                                              In sinking mute, 

                                              That took life of the one

                                              Who once excelled 

                                              In the pirvy of his secrets.

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