the forgotten

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"How can something so wrong seems so right all along"

How can someone predict this perfect feeling?

How much possible pain could've caused to write about it?

And may I ask?.... Was it worth it?


I carelessly laid my hands down the table,

While you found a cable tie to play with,

You grabbed my hand and I stared at you,

You made a knot around my ring finger,

Making me blink twice so I could perfectly remember..

In my head were words like,

"Will you be mine?"

But then you laughed and only played with time,

And just right now, it's still bothering my mind.


It was childish and I was foolish,

If there was only a genie who can grant my wish,

I'd like to ask him for a kiss,

A kiss in which I will give you,

One that will hopefully kill you too.


Die already in my head!

Get out of my heart too!

I knew that you only played me for a fool,

Because I was your only option of tool.

Damn those days with you.

Why did I even bother texting you too?

I really wish love spelled me on you,

So I could go back in my old life not wanting you.


But, love is stupid and so are we,

We find peace sitting under a tree,

And who's even happy if wishes only comes in three?

Is it really that of a matter if I fall inlove to thee?

Am I supposed to wait until he's free?

Or am I just an accident who only happen,

And in history will be a story and road never taken?

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