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Just want his love and gentle touch but that's just a bust in this hollow body of dust.

Broken and gone not sure how to feel, done and hoping this wound will heal.

Tired of trying tired of fighting just done in the world of hope and love finding.

I'm ready to go if you'll have me bacause i'm tired of romanceing.

Wish you were mine but it's not happening, may as well stop trying before things start happening.

Dead and gone from this wound there's nothing to do but look at the moon i'm sorry I tried but was not enough, i'm sorry I have gave up. 

It's all done and said all gone and now dead, how could I have let you into my head.

You broke my heart that's all that's said and my heart lies silent and dead.

Ready to go so tired of this...romanceing about what we could be it's not best.

I'm sorry we're done i've gave up but fight on because there's nothing you don't deserve.




Just wanted his gentle touch, to feel his gentle love, to know him with my heart, and love him like no other.

But that's all a dream lost in a stream with nothing to find it ever again.

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