Love to Hate & Hate Loving

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                                                               Love To Hate & Hate Loving





Love the world since our time's paid-in-full..!

Love everyone and beyond if you could..!

Love's a taste which brings joy to our hearts.!.

Love has its ups & down pushes & pull..!

Love is a light which shines bright as it should..!

Love's a sea of emotions from our hearts.!.


Why love to hate & hate loving.!?


Hate is our waste, neglect and abandoned pride..!

Hate is the empowerment of control with no relief..!

Hate's an internal turmoil which ceases aspiration.!.

Hate is our unexpressed fear we choose to hide..!

Hate's the fight which annulment's to inflict greif..!

Hate is an internal coil which defuses inspiration.!.


Why love to hate & hate loving.!?


Hate is a pitiful, senseless and worthless WAR.!.

LOVE is the endeless possibilities we teach.!.





Thank-you #WakaFlockaFlame

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