A Far Away Land

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                                                                 A Far Away Land





In a visit to a far away land, from the brisk swooshing through weeds and a journey through ponds.!.

On a missle like freighter where the cargo is bound, from the cockpit where you hear every tulip-bell that's rung.!.

Sits a happy and patient but no friend of a patient, alligator named Don.!.

He's mighty and fierce and to few he strikes a terror of a pain no one could erase, until they're struck by his mirror.!.

Though often mistaken for a log when he poses, as no one supposes there's a log they would frighten.!.

Yet he's friends of the lawn-maker, the dweebler and skew and the champion of the leaping frogs too.!.

His face is lit bright for its the dawn of the night and this visit comes long overdue.!.

He smells of the flowers and roses he's bit, as he dips with his fruits through the swamps of the meadow of the shallow but endless abyss.!.

As he comes closer to A Far Away Land, there's a mist in the air and a frost on the ground.!.

There's no footprints of dears or anyone all around..!

So he's wandering and turning and twisting and twirling, until his senses are unfurling but nothing's been found.!.

So he listens for an echo but its the silence that echoes, for there's no one awake in A Far Away Land.!.

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