Canvas and prayer

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Painting my feelings with colors stemmed from my solar plexus, deep sensing the warmth of his words dripping down through my chest, like dew mixed with morning sun, fresh with hope and flavor from his lips; honey like, burning my heart like hot spices.

I’m painting my drunken in love soul…

LOVE is your name! In your name we live and we die, and everywhere you are there is beauty.

Goddess, be my sacred gift to my Prince!

You are muse and music; you are timeless, ageless, never early and never late. Courageous and kind, you are the most desirable woman, and yet you never seek attention or rewards. Your mesmerizing presence captured me for eternity.

LOVE, my love, let him drink your liquor, quench his thirst and comfort his lips burnt by desire. Hold him tenderly, gently, silently and let your heartbeat be the music of his songs.

Let him soak his tearless eyes in your spectacular beauty. Get him drunk with the perfume and taste of your luscious body. Seduce him with your love making like the sailing of a hidden ocean above the clouds and thunders of a summer night rain, fierce and magnificent, cuddled with the infinite blanket of the stars above. Be his Mermaid!

Amaze his mind and arouse his soul with your boldness. Amuse and incite his heart with your wit and your wisdom. Nourish his spirit with the bouquet of your ceremonial wine, lay him down in your garden and bathe him in your mystery. Caress his hands with your lips, wrap his flawless body with your seductive curves and satisfy his lust with the fullness of your exotic juicy fruits.


You have my blessing! LOVE, be his Princess!

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