A City dying in Culture

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They come, and dare,

Take our land, and our air,

Create a new place,

Take up, and steal our space,

Humiliate our culture, our race, 

For their trend, a new taste?

To something we called home, 

No longer, like ages in stone

It was our kingdom, our throne,

No longer, a new sound to the tone,

Brooklyn and Bronx, gentrified

Like , Crown Height and Bedstuy,

Is it their do, and our cultures die?

Our wall in Queens, taken,

Art so strong, now white it's painted,

City I love, is now tainted,

Yea steal our homes, just like a break in,

They weren't there in the making,

Of our city's of our creation, 

Yet they come start making changes,

Destroy our platform, to build their stages,

It was a city, of different cultures, and faces,

And city hurting, as they steal our place,

Ripping culture, off strings from laces,

Buildings gone, stores gone without a trace.


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