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Once a night,my sleep was broken,,

For a stubbling noise,i was awaken....

A dimed little candle light,took my attention,,

A shadow seen in the ;ight,increased my caution...

The thief,10years old boy was caught,,

In his torn sack,some of my books i got...

So now,BOOK THIEVES are newly invented!!

Very FUNNY feeling,that can not be vented!!!

For stopping his cry,i warmly adored him,,

Then the reason of THEFT,i ASk him...


After hearing his answer,I was STARTLING!!

He often used to steal my books for learning!!!!

He mournfully said"I am an ORPHAN",,

When i heard it,i became heartbroken!!!!

The park near of my home was his only SHELTER,,

And to earn money,he worked as a scavenger!!!!!!


How can you be so CRUEL,O CREATOR!!!

Don't you have PHILANTHROPY,O CREATOR!!!!!


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