Friendship Quilt Unbroken

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Friendship Quilt Unbroken




"What happened to all my old friends,


that are so dear?”


The ones that shared,


a part of their heart with you,


and were so sincere?”




They had to follow their dreams,


to distant places,


while you rode your own path,


and met new faces.




Many strands of connections,


our friendship quilt took to weave,


and I knew it would be wrong to say,


That this quilt would be broken,


if you have to leave.”




So, it will stay connected, for forever,


and all of our cherished memories,


will be the strong glue,


which keeps it from drifting apart.




I write this poem,


so you can keep a piece of me with you.


Something to stick on your wall,


and hold onto.




August 11, 2004


Lorena R. Waters




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