Lady Midnight

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Lady Midnight






She sits by the glowing wine, lemon and sapphire fire,


waiting for the tired sun to set,


until sky's colour has expired,


because it is hard for her to forget,


that even though she glows bright during daylight,


by night she is known as Lady Midnight.




When the world outside turns to black,


her lovely pale ivory skin begins to slowly fade away,


until her skin is left looking like tarmac,


a sign that it's time for her to go on her way,


follow her heart and true spirit,


to enter the darkness that asks her to visit.




I don't think I will ever know,


where her body and spirit goes as it flows.


Some have tried to follow her path,


but she never leaves a clear printed footpath,


so they are left cold and frustrated,


even though their curiosity has not ended.




It is said that her beauty is so rare,


that when the night saw her for the first time,


he crowned her his Lady Midnight with much care,


and ever since then, she has walked in the night well aware,


and continues to thank the night, for the other life he gives,


this opposite life, she now lives.




Lorena R. Waters


November 25th, 2009


(fantasy poem)



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