Land Full Of Green

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Land Full Of Green




Living in a land,


all covered in green,
full of natural beauty,


rarely unseen,
this is what my mind thinks of,


during daylight,
and what I dream of,


at night.

Fields full of long grass,


up to your knees height,
wildflowers, trees,


and blues skies in near sight.
Clean and clear rivers,


where you can take a cool drink,
or let your feet fall,


under soft waves and sink,
to the softest sand,


coloured pale pink.

Awoke to the sounds,


of singing birds,
and caught them in flight,


as they soared upwards.
They spread spots of colour,


across the blue sky,
as they flew to find,


sweet nectar nearby.

Fell asleep,


to the smell of wet cedar,
next to a grey,


moss covered boulder.
The wind swept sweet song notes,


in my ear,
ones so bell-like,


beautiful, and clear.

There are still places,


all covered in green,
ones that are rarely unseen.
It is not hard for me to believe,
that all of my senses,


would say stay, do not leave,
because a life surrounded by nature,


I would receive.

Lorena R. Waters
May 3, 2010


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