Four Seasons

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Four Seasons




A white and black butterfly fluttering in mid-air,


on a pale pink rose looking effortlessly fair.


I wonder if today it flew out of its cocoon,


and is happily exploring the world in June.




A gold summer sunflower covered in morning dew,


sparkles in sunlight against a sky canvass of blue.


Looking slightly sad its head is bent to the right,


from the winds cold pushes that it has tried hard to fight.




Tree leaves turning from green to yellow, orange and red,


their vivid colours in nature are randomly spread.


The temperature change is appreciated by many if not all,


a sign that it is the beginning to the end of Fall.




Cold winter surrounds you with snowflakes and soft snow,


makes you crave hot chocolate topped with a big marshmallow.


All of the windows and doors stay closed,


to an outside world that has been transposed.




Lorena R. Waters


July 21, 2010


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