Ballet Dancer

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Ballet Dancer




An elegant form,


you are standing still,


that my breath,


is taken away so much,


that my lungs without air,


cannot fill.




Your coal black hair,


tied tightly in a bun,


shines like polished coal,


that has been glazed by the sun.




Smooth strong stainless skin,


blended with pale,


shades of white,


like a strong marble sculpture,


a precious masterpiece,


what a sight!




Your pale pink rose dress,


made of smooth silk,


flows down,


and falls just above your knees,


swaying gently back and forth,


while you dance with ease.




A rare image you had to be,


to inspire a painter,


to capture you so elegantly.




It's not hard for me to conceive,


how an artist would truly believe,


that a painting of you,


he had to leave behind,


a timeless image one could take,


into their heart and mind.




Now you will forever,


remain in my memory,


an image of mortal beauty.




Lorena R. Waters


August 10, 2010.



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