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Time doesn’t wait for No one

I was always known for procrastinating

When time was by our side

But as you go so does time go

It is no waiter, waiting for your order

Looking back I wonder what I did

 An achievement- I could brag to my kids about

But that was a million years ago


You can’t take or go back to time

How you spend your time depends on how you manage it

I wish I could’ve taken time seriously get better grades

Go to a better school spend more time with my kids

Live up to my dreams

Something I never thought I would say, actually do my home work

But that was a million years ago


Now I’m living up to my mistakes instead of goals

My dreams are now story of mischief

But time still goes and goes

Oh it goes as fast as a train you can never catch up to it

 Was time selfish or was I to myself

But the worst thing about my regrets was living to impress others

All I did, what I wore, I acted just to please others

Others that I can see no more

I should had just been myself and please myself not others-

But that was million years ago


Mistakes and regrets are memories made

Those that will always haunt us

Though it might not sound old but all this happened

Like a Million Years Ago.


                                                                                                                         CLINTON O.

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