Everything In Between

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                                                          Everything In Between





Living like there's no tomorrow isn't the same as having a life worth living, like turning the other cheek isn't a sign of weakness.!.

Turning a new page isn't the equivalent of having a clean slate, though forgiving is letting go of the past.!.

It's the optimistic who gathers the pieces of a shatered vase in hopes of piecing it back together, though its clear some pieces are only grains.!.

One good turn deserves another but never you turn a blind eye, like two wrongs don't make a right so never quit whiles you're ahead.!.

Accept humility with an open heart for guilt should never be an ally, as time ages in our minds and reflects on the flesh.!.

Holding binding hands over our heads when we're in despair and over our faces when we're ashamed or broken.!.

Chasing tomorrow because we're scared and uncertain in each moment, now that freedom is a lust to us men of sins.!.

It's opinionated that the lost lives as bi-curiously young and wild as they may, whiles the wise makes it to be as firm as clay.!.

Hearing words usually stirs my brain to paint pictures in my head but when I read I see only lines on an empty road.!.

Only our desires give a straight answer when the questions are vague, as our feeling's are the mutual match and gas that torches the lost road.!.

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