To Finding Comfort

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                                                            To Finding Comfort





Rising to the occassion has never been a burden, not even whiles enduring the world's weight on both shoulders.!.

We at times wobble through a twitch or twitch through an itch, just as long as we're carrying our boulders.!.

Love in the eyes of a fixed heart, is feeling like a dove in the sky as the pics start and you fall from that high, as you realize you're sober.!.

Like learning to fly is just a kickstart, from loving try after try a complex art, as our calls turns to cries as we're older.!.

Tomorrow we're driven to division by a force not questioned but enforced, in a race with no brakes just glass boundaries.!.

Sorrow is forbidden to be mentioned now the course of our intentions is remorse, in haste for stakes in the last of the countries.!.

Few who had risen up to speak, from amongst the masses they were torn, making it a crime, to incite a revolution.!.

A new horizon we will seek, though the last of man will not be born, shaping a time, we'll coexist by evolution.!.

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