Out of this world

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I know I could never call him my own, but seeing his passion makes me feel home,  for I spent a lifelong of soul- searching and dreaming,  yet never been living or felt so alive, revived by the love I see he's been giving. 

I shelter his heart in my still adoration ; such sacred wildflower I could never uproot,  not wanting to hurt it with my worldly temptation. ..and the spirit from its body one should never elute. 

Million scents could arouse all my senses taking me high to unequalled emotions, but unbeaten remains his perfume like incenses burned and adorned in holy devotions. 

Not flawless his beauty nor shaped with perfection, yet no one could ever be more in my sight, his presence, his voice, his graceful affection brighten my sunshine moonlighting my night. 

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