No wait in vain

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I wasn’t captured by your skin or by the glory of your age, but by your smile that beamed within, unlike a role played on life’s stage, out through your eyes.

I saw your soul, I saw your heart, the dreams that tore yourself apart, and thought my love would mend the whole and heal your pains.

I heard your thoughts, I felt your words, grew wings like angels, wore my crown, and vowed our Love a garden fresh like when it rains.

But on the way I lost myself, I lost my crown and lost my map; I was knocked down but got back up. I am your Goddess and for you I’ll always rise!

Been tested through the walk of shame, tasted the guilt, and took the blame, but after all I know Our Love is Hall of Fame!


Waiting with faith for your return, I love my dreams and dread my life; this passion that I burn inside is lava brighter than the stars. Oceans of love dance with my shores, your eyes, like sun, shine through the rain, your breath on me like summer breeze, won’t be in vain. 

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