Soul Restore

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Amazingly for this magic “Soul Restore” recipe

all I needed was true solitude, real silence, and authentic self love…

Miraculously You muted my words and my thoughts

so I can clearly hear Your healing and powerful messages.

After You stripped me of my appalling pride driven from self-pity,

You washed me with the glorious shower of Your tough Love.

I was able to see all that toxic dirt running off of my naked heart;

shocked with disbelief being faced with my hoarding,

overwhelmed with gratitude for the heavy weight gone, rinsed with cleansing tears…I asked myself

"Was I really all this?!"

I learned that

passion without wisdom and self- control is a killer, burning like wildfire… suffocating, devastating,

love without humility is no longer love, is just a strong feeling, addictive like a drug;

like a parasite it likes to feed on kindness, clinging on anything that’s good, like useless weed…

many words make noise, but only a few are worth being heard, and that

obsessive thoughts of fulfilling pleasure are like poison, slowly eating the flesh melting the bones like burning candles.

Thank You for handling me as if I am one of Your most precious gardens, my Wonderful Celestial Gardner!

Burned to the ground…needs like weeds gone and wrong desires like wildfires killed… this raw mud,

fat with Loving, Healing and Forgiving Kindness, is ready to give rise to an Eden

abounding with Living Trees, Fresh Springs of True Love, Crystal Streams of Real Beauty,

Tasty Fresh Air like up in the Mountains,

Silence only interrupted with Songs of Praise and Words of Divine Inspiration,

and with the Glory of a Whole New Creation!







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