Kindness Wrapped in Pita

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Arising this morning feeling low in mood and motivation from my daily exposure to a culture counter to the one we were created to live in, and from my daily life and experiences with persons who contribute to the culture as it is, I did not want to do anything. I only wanted to be comforted. I just wanted to feel comfortable.

Additionally feeling very cold from the frigid winds and trees blowing intensely and harshly outside a few glass windows I could see out of, simultaneously feeling strange from a time change by one hour, a time change having a hard to describe effect on me, I did not want to do anything. I only wanted to be comforted. I just wanted to feel comfortable.

Sitting with my feet propped up for an hour or more, I sip hot herbal tea to simply be, warm my body, and nurture my feelings.

In the evening feeling hungry as I ran a few errands in the city, I stop by a restaurant that serves Arabic food. Having made barley earlier and wanting to finish it, I order chicken shawarma to pair with it. While eating my meal, a group of three enter, two men and a woman. They take seats at a table next to mine.

Enjoying the meals we were served until completion, one of the men escapes from the table and proceeds to the front counter. He orders and says to the waitor, zum Mitnehmen. A few minutes later he comes to where I'm sitting at the table and he hands me a bag with two sandwiches inside and says, This is falafel to take with you. I smile happily. What a surprise! Thank you very much for your kindness, I tell him.

He will never know how much he helped me.


by: Najwa Kareem

mostly written on 10/29/17    


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