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Pour belle Gwo~Bwapen mwen, my R.O.D.!.

Truth be told, you ain't ever been told.!.

Oui pluis passer un belle Gwo~Bwapen, you're my G.O.D.!.

Et un kali mwen, you're Green-Gold..!

From first-sight, first-touch, my heart & soul went cold, to give much wanted heat, to an unwanted coal.!.

Cause Gwo~Bwapen, you look good & roll hard but barely feel ripe.!.

And that's tricky.!.

Plus I'd search my neighbor's yard, if you roll outta site..!

Ask Ki-Ki..!

And since your icky-sticky mek my belly gripe..!

Is nah foh me..!

I'll set you in a box face-down safe outta sight.!.

That's lock & key..!

And irony's to think I found you in the wild & did expect a weird taste, when instead you turned out to be the sweetest..!

Now you're all I'd ever chase & you could never be replaced, simply for your uniqueness.!.

Gwo~Bwapen, you're a perfect in & out of your tree, I always want you inside me like my pride & dignity.!.

Gwo~Bwapen, thank you for all that you've given me..!

You'll remain my choice always, even if you're not given to me.!.

Gwo~Bwapen you keep saving my face with your grace, to ensure I have a bite, even when I'm not at my place.!. 

You make my hard days seem easy to forget, both when you're fried or boil'N in your own sweat.!.

And Gwo~Bwapen, know you could never pick me, yet only you can fill my appetite.!.

And I hate to touch that coal cause it's filthy but I'll use it to get you right then my teeth WHITE.!.

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