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Courtesy should be ENcouraged NOT enFORCED..!





I've witnessed your beauty helping the blind to see, the deaf to hear & the cripple to walk.!.

I'm taught, your beauty's what saved me, as a baby me, way before I could talk.!.

I've also seen your beauty shining on the faces of foes, standing toe to toe, saying; "Brother, I forgive you.!."

You're quite a clever player and a flirt..!

Only you never strike a heart to hurt..!

Plus, I've heard some speaking giving praises to your name, as the reason not to blowout their brain.!.

Some, either living well or in a deep dark-well & some living life in the House-of-Pain.!.

Saying; "Lord..! Please, rid me of this pride & rage.!.

I'm tired of paying, every time I'm ENraged & straying.!."

So its NO rumor, I've surrendered to your beauty like my perks, I'd give into your powers when it hurts.!.

And if I try sometimes, I'm at the front of the line.!.

But that's truly cause, you 'work as you lurks'..!

Marking you as a known enemy to every injustice, who could stand to combat any of its malicious practice.!.

So though it's uncertain exactly how you got started, it's probably not as important, as it's sad, that you've missed many of our dearly departed.!.

Furthermore, no one cares if you're a religious or a political tactic, we're simply happy to see you in the fight to help us stop all antics.!.

Undoubtedly, you've always allowed me to stand the test of times and even if I was left behind, I had the best of times.!.

To the point, you seem too perfect on every occasion and like always, you'll find some people who'll hide the truth.!.

Though without you, this world's smite to bee barren dark like Warren Park, without a fruit and without friends, on both ends who'd tell the truth.!.

Magically, you bring instant joy to whomever or wherever you're cast and naturally, you're favorite to single handedly have all frowns outcasts.!.

In addition, you're truly the best & safest to address all wrongs..!

You're like kindness granted by a Highness, to which every GREEN-LIGHT's paused upon.!.

It's your beauty that's taught me, how to live & let live and reminds me, to give & forgive.!.

"So YEA..!

I'm too saddened I couldn't live nor be this way, even though I'd proudly say, how courtesy makes me feel gay.!."





To my father: Mr. Grey..!

Also to all my brothers & sisters of August..! <3 u Greys.!.

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